Dark Shapes is a thrilling interactive fiction about betrayal, secrets, and murder. Investigate and battle the neighborhood serial killer while learning to harness the power of necromancy. Will you be able to master all of your abilities in time to apprehend the murderer, a former friend?

About This Game

Dark Shapes is a supernaturally fused mystery interactive fiction game.

Explore the docks at night. Take great thought into each choice you make.

Confront the villain face to face at gunpoint or investigate his motives with cleverness and intellect.

Interact with a variety of items and weapons in your surroundings. Use every tool at your disposal to apprehend the killer.

Master a variety of supernatural skills including expelling concussive forces, controlling spirits, and harnessing necromantic energies.

Choose your methods at every point. You create your own path to defeating the killer.

Publisher Name

CrazedNovelist Games

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Interactive Fiction/Mystery/Fantasy

Competition Type

Single Player

Controller Style:

Mouse and Keyboard



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